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This agreement (“Agreement”) constitutes a binding contract for videography and/or photography services and/or products. By clicking ADD TO CART and completing purchase of the video clip, CLIENT has agreed to the terms and conditions of this agreement. The CLIENT is identified in purchase details submitted on purchase from (collectively referred to below as “CLIENT”) agrees to pay Absolutely A.V. Trading cc (referred to below as Absolutely AV) for the services and/or products provided by Absolutely AV at the price set forth by the accepted price given at time of sale. Video clip (“video clip”) here below includes short video product and all which that entails. The following terms and conditions shall also apply to CLIENT’s engagement of Absolutely AV.

Description of service

The video service provided to CLIENT for the agreed fee, is a video product which is 12 seconds or less in length. Video is provided as an MP4 which will be downloadable via a video hosting service. The video will be 19020 X 1080P HD video in H264 Mp4 format. Video is provided in landscape or horizontal orientation unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Absolutely AV. The video will be provided with agreement that CLIENT may use the video for business purposes such as online marketing, web page embedding, internal use or placement on physical digital products for the purpose of marketing CLIENT business.  The video is not provided with broadcast rights. The video may not be used, either as video on TV broadcast service, as audio on radio broadcast or any cable, satellite or other broadcast video or audio services. the video may not be resold as a whole or part to a third party. The video may not be reverse engineered to be used in part or whole in a separate production. the video may only be used in the form it is provided by Absolutely AV to CLIENT.

Payment For Video

All payment for video clip creation service, must be paid upfront before any work may commence in the creation of the video clip to be provided to CLIENT.  All payments must be cleared in Absolutely AV bank account before work may start on the creation/editing of the video clip. Within 48 Hrs of payment clearing in Absolutely AV bank account a preview of the video clip will be sent to CLIENT email. CLIENT is responsible for providing an accurate email address. Should the email address be provided incorrectly by CLIENT or email address is not functional due to any reason, Absolutely AV will not be liable for making efforts to contact CLIENT. It will be CLIENT’s onus to make contact Absolutely AV to correct the error. CLIENT is still liable for all payments irrespective of whether a correct email address was provided or not.

Absolutely AV Agrees to

Provide video clip of no longer than 12 seconds for the use by CLIENT as marketing video. The video shall be 1920 X 1080P HD video provided in MP4 format. Video clip included copyright free music obtained from free sources including YouTube music library, paid for copyright free music, freely obtained copyright free music sources as well as public domain music sources. CLIENT images and text will be placed into the video as in the example given. All contact details will be copied as supplied by CLIENT into video. Absolutely AV is no obligated to fact check or error check any of the text provided by CLIENT.

CLIENT agrees to

Provide the required images and, optionally CLIENT company logo and text for the completion of the video clip. CLIENT takes full responsibility for obtaining all use rights for the images including any required release documentation. These include location release, model release and any required release for any protected or copyrighted material. CLIENT understands that CLIENT has no say in the music content, background images or any additional editing to the final video clip. CLIENT agrees that the only input as far as changes to the video are concerned are the providing of the required images, logo and text. No further interaction or participation will be available to CLIENT once the purchase has been made.

Copyright material

Material including video and audio, as well as photographic material provided in the video to CLIENT may contain material sourced from free or wholesale sources. While Absolutely AV makes best efforts to ensure the content is legally usable in the video without any infringement of any copyrights, no guarantees can be made to this effect. Due to the nature of affordable content resource sites and service/content provides, material whether video, image or audio, may be found to be infringing on copyrights of individuals or entities. Should this happen, CLIENT agrees to discontinue using the video clip both in part or whole. Absolutely AV is under no obligation to provide a new video clip or to edit the existing video clip. Absolutely Av may decide to provide a suitable replacement or compensation but is under no obligation to do so. CLIENT indemnifies Absolutely AV, its employees, owners, partners and associates against any claims arising from copyright claims relating to any content in the video clip provided by Absolutely AV to CLIENT. CLIENT understands that the video clip is provided with the best intentions by Absolutely AV to comply with all copyrights which may exist over the content in the video provided. Absolutely AV, however, is in no way responsible for any losses incurred by CLIENT‘s use of the video, image and audio content in the video as part or whole video clip.

Update of Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions may be changed or updated without notice. The terms and conditions which existed at the time of CLIENT purchase will pertain to the sale of that video clip. Any video clips purchased after changes to the terms and conditions will have the new terms and conditions apply to that purchase.