Shop Tree Online Shopping In South Africa

What is Shop Tree Online Shopping Experience All About?

Shop Tree is all about the best online shopping experience. We strive to provide the best products at the best possible prices available in South Africa. ShopTree sources all our products locally. That means no long waits for products being imported from other countries. Everything sold on ShopTree is available in South Africa. Our products have between 3 months and 1 year warranty. So you can rest assured that what you buy from ShopTree is of high quality. We constantly check our prices against our competitors to be sure you are getting the best deal we can provide. We also try to find products not readily available in regular stores. This means some of our products are quite specialized. This gives you access to items most people cant get. Shopping online from an online store should be fun and exciting with only good surprises. 

Is It Safe To Buy Online?

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for people who buy online. Rightly so as it is your money. We at Shop Tree make sure that no banking details are stored on our servers or website. All transactions are done through PayFast or YOCO. Two of the most trusted pay portals. Our site is protected with a high quality SSL certificate. That means what you insert is protected with high security. Nothing is 100% secure in this world. That is why no banking details of any kind are processed or stored on ShopTree. Everything is done via our pay portals.

What Products Are For Sale On ShopTree?

Shop Tree provides a range of products to choose from. We wanted to be sure that there is something for everyone. That means you will find products for mom and babies. There are great gifts for Dad and the kids. A range of exotic items are here for men. If you are a sound engineer, musician or DJ you will love Shop Tree. We have high end audio equipment for making music, recording voice, editing productions, playing live and even for community radio stations. That’s right, we cover a range of brilliant gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays and special occasions. Surprise your DJ son with a set of professional CDJ and MP3 media players. Treasure mom with wonderful baby items. Pamper dad with products specifically for men. You can even burn some calories with out great fun exercise items. there are so many items to choose from. If you are struggling for a great idea for a gift then ShopTree is the place for you.

Do I get Free Delivery For Buying Online?

There are many items on Shoptree that have free delivery to main centers around South Africa. If you live near one of the big centers including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London or George then many of our items come with free delivery. If you live up to 50 Km from a main center then there is a small fee for the delivery. Also smaller items don’t come with free delivery so be sure to check at the check-out for the delivery costs.

What is ShopTree?

Shop Tree is an online shopping store with a range of products. ShopTree is an online store owned by Absolutely AV. Absolutely AV has been around since 2003. That means you have the trust of a long-standing company with many years of experience with great products.

If you ever thought of buying online but have never done it then ShopTree is a great place to start. We offer support to all our customers. We are not a faceless online store. We exist as a registered company of Absolutely AV. If you have thought where do find sound equipment for sale in Johannesburg or AV equipment for sale in Cape Town or even are there mom and baby products for sale in Durban then you have come to the right place.

What are the types of searches that have people buying online?

Here are some of the top searches that have people buying online:

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  • Toys for sale in Gauteng.
  • Gifts for Christmas for sale in Cape Town.
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  • DJ gear for sale in Johannesburg.
  • Where to get the best present for a birthday.
  • Gift ideas for festive season.
  • Audio equipment for sale online.
  • Musical instruments for sale in Johannesburg.


Why buy from an online store like ShopTree?

You may be asking: why should I buy online when I can buy from shops in my area? There are certain products which are perfect for local businesses. These are products like food and other consumables. Online shopping though is all about amazing items. You could drive around for hours and days trying to find the right product. Shopping online give you the opportunity to check out a huge range of products. You can compare prices easily and compare brands. You don’t even have to leave home. The products are all delivered right to your door. That means no worrying about safety or health issues. No traffic to deal with. No danger of carrying cash or credit cards. Online shopping can be a wonderful experience. It is important though to check that you are dealing with a good store. Shop Tree is backed by the years of great sales and service of Absolutely AV. Ratings have always been high. Customer satisfaction has always been important to us. We are not just appearing out of the blue. We have a new cool name in Shop Tree but at the heart of it we are a long-standing company with a great track record.